Equine Assisted Therapy

$75.00 for one hour

Horses are very good at taking care of themselves. They serve as examples of health in many ways. How we approach a horse often mimics how we are in human relationships. Equine assisted therapy helps with emotional regulation, anxiety reduction, increased awareness, living in the present moment, healthy boundaries and empowerment. Equine therapy is effective. It has been shown to decrease needed therapy time by a third.  

Eagala Trained. All of our work with the horse is ground work. We do not ride the horse. For groups, I will lead with my equine specialist.

Individual Therapy in Office 

$75.00 for one hour

Traditional talk Therapy without the horse. I specialize in learning to manage anxiety and depression, healing trauma and working with sexual abuse survivors. I work eclectically theoretically, utilizing whatever techniques work. I blend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Focused Rogerian, Somatic Experiencing Art and Play.

Groups With or Without the Horse | Ranging from 4-6 people

$25.00 per person, each group session is two hours

Set up for 8 week commitment.

Group work is a powerful and effective way to work through relational struggles with human beings.  I have extensive experience running groups and I love group work. Prerequisite is one personal session/interview for appropriate placement.

Informed Consent and Release of Liability

A note on Equine Assisted Therapy: We do our best to keep you safe and work with stable, healthy horses. However, when working around a large animal there is always potential to get hurt. Before we get started, we need a signed consent. Please let Pati know of any physical and/or emotional issues that would preclude you from keeping yourself safe around a horse. We also need your signature that you will not sue or hold either Pati Toole, LAC or Alive and Well Counseling Center or Pati’s Equine Specialist or Serenity Ranch responsible in any way for any injury that may occur during equine therapy at Serenity Ranch located at 11598 N. Shannon Rd. Tucson, Az. 85742. Clinical Supervision provided by Christina Romano, LPC.